Focus on Retail

"Retail store coverage in our business is where the rubber hits the road. Getting our product authorized in a supermarket is step one. Keeping it in-stock, tagged, and signed is a service we owe our principals and customers."
~Don Przybylek - Albany Retail Supervisor
Retail Team Responsibilities
•Customize store reports for the manufacturers
•Designated routes- allows opportunity to build relationships with department managers at store level
•Frequent Store Coverage
•Actively participate in new store openings and resets
•Assist in design and implementation of Plan-O-Grams
•Proactive evaluation of individual store needs
•Blitz stores for new rollouts to put up P.O.S, stock shelves, etc.
•Rapid response – Quality issues, competitive info
•Inventory control of perishable products through physical warehouse checks
•Ensure product is being merchandised and signed properly at store level
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